Fleur Overbeek

During her Bachelor’s Liberal Arts & Sciences at Amsterdam University College, Fleur developed an open and critical perspective due to the international and interdisciplinary environment, which results in creative ideas when solving complex issues. After completing her Bachelor’s degree with a focus on Conflict & Peace Studies, she is now studying Public Policy & Governance at the University of Amsterdam. In this Master’s program, she is exploring how public policy is made, how policy proposals are received by society, and how these processes can be improved.
Due to her broad interests and curiosity, Fleur is developing herself in various fields. From a young age, she has played classical violin, including as concertmaster of the Nederlands Studentenorkest 2024, and she is active as a board member of the UvA-Orkest J.Pzn Sweelinck. Through these experiences, Fleur has become a team player. At YAG, Fleur will apply her knowledge and skills with great enthusiasm to make a valuable contribution to various issues.

Julius de Win

Julius is a sporty, social, responsible, and organized student with a lot of discipline and ambition. After completing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in Entrepreneurship, he took a gap year to gain more practical experience. Currently, he works as a project manager at a startup in Amsterdam and manages his own boats in the city center. His entrepreneurial spirit and interest in strategy consulting also led him to apply to YAG (Young Advisory Group). Here, he adds significant value with his discipline and responsibility, finally putting his theoretical knowledge into practice. In the upcoming year, while remaining active at Young Advisory Group, Julius will continue his studies with a master’s degree in Business Administration. Outside of YAG, you’ll mostly find him in the gym, on a boat in Amsterdam, on the slopes in Austria, or on the terrace with friends.

Wim Filippini

Wim is an enthusiastic consultant within the YAG team, that has a broad interest in many subjects. He enjoys approaching a problem from al direction. At Utrecht University, he completed his bachelor’s degree in history and is now in his final year of studying law. His broad interest has also translated into an exchange at UC Berkeley, where he spent half a year taking both legal and business courses.
Wim’s professional profile is further enhanced by his ability to function in a team setting. His positive attitude is contagious and fosters a productive work environment. At YAG, Wim commits to combining his analytical skills with his team-oriented approach to achieve results for clients. Wim is capable of quickly assimilating new material and is available for a wide range of projects.

Charlotte de Sousa Nascimento

During her Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts & Sciences in Utrecht, Charlotte learned to examine complex issues with a critical eye. She is an enthusiastic and organized worker and she excels at collaborating in multidisciplinary teams. Alongside her major, she pursued a minor in Law at Utrecht University and a minor in Marketing & Digital Communication at LUMSA University in Rome. These diverse academic backgrounds assist her in tackling a wide range of strategic projects. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, learning new languages, running, and spending time with friends. In September 2023 she moved to Amsterdam, where she aims to further her development at YAG and provide valuable insights to various organizations.

Tijn van Beeck

During his studies in Delft, Tijn came into contact with consultancy, in which he continues to be interested to this day. Combined with the entrepreneurship courses he took during his Exchange in America, this meant that YAG was the perfect place to further explore these two interests. Tijn is very internationally oriented: after a summer school in Paris and Singapore, his wanderlust has not yet been satisfied, so he can often be found abroad in his spare time. After having done some previous projects in multidisciplinary teams, Tijn really enjoys working together and gaining more experience, enthusiastic about the opportunities that YAG offers!