Fun activities will be organized throughout the weekend, acquainting you with your fellow team members.


Several workshops will be organized by WE and the YAG to help develop a business idea into action.



The winning team will receive a prize during the pitch competition on Sunday.

General Information
Date: 16th – 18th of March, 2018
Location: Schiermonnikoog
In cooperation with: WE

Who are we looking for?
Entrepreneurial newcomers that are motivated to start their own business in the Netherlands and are eager to learn and work with people from different cultures.

What about the costs?
Joining the weekend is completely free. Participants need to travel to Lauwersoog (from where the boat to Schiermonnikoog is leaving) by themselves, but these travel costs will be reimbursed.

How can I apply?
You can apply using the link below or click here. Apply quickly, there are only ten spots available!
Deadline: Sunday February 11, 11:59 PM


Who are we?

  • University students in the final stages of their studies
  • Entrepreneurial and proactive
  • Proven, strong, analytical skills
  • Experienced through previous extracurricular activities
  • Motivated by challenges
  • Quick-thinking, creative and without prejudice

The YAG selects aspiring consultants through a competitive and challenging selection-process. This process consists of a motivation letter, a review of past academic performance, Curriculum vitae and finally a case-interview.