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YAG selects a new team for every project, so that your company is ready for the future


YAG consultants are trained monthly by renowned companies. Partly because of this we are able to provide qualitative advice with which companies can achieve their objectives as well as great success.


At YAG we work with a flat structure. This makes it possible to respond to contemporary dynamics. Together we form YAG and together we ensure a constantly improving organization.


At YAG there is a constant urge to improve. Both internally and externally. We also want to communicate this to our customers. We are happy to participate in the implementation of our advice. So that your company can move forward.

What we offer:

Since the founding of YAG in 2011, we as a national organization have successfully completed more than 250 projects. These projects have been carried out at various clients, from startups to multinationals in various sectors.


Our energy
Everyone who works at YAG is a student and wants to do new and exciting things next to their study. Everyone is bursting with energy, so we do everything we can to deliver the best result.

As a student we can organize our days flexibly. In addition, each location consists of at least 10 consultants, which allows us to take on various projects at any time.

Trained top students
At YAG we work with top students from a wide range of study backgrounds. To ensure the quality of our projects, our consultants are trained every month by our partners. This has a positive effect on our projects and our own development.

Since we are a non-profit foundation that is fully run by students, we offer customized quality at a very competitive price.




What we are good at





What does a collaboration with YAG look like?
We work with project groups of often two to four people. One of these is the project leader and will keep in touch with the customer. We prefer regular contact and close cooperation, so that we can meet each other’s expectations as well as possible. We always kick off projects with a kick-off at the customer and conclude it with a final presentation. In between, one or more interim deliveries, work sessions at the customer and various meetings can take place, depending on the project.
What are the strong points of YAG?
We are all analytically strong and smart students with a fresh perspective. We are happy to sink our teeth into almost all projects with a strategic component and provide professional and strong advice. Different types of projects are on this page.
How do you guarantee the quality?

We have several ways in which we guarantee that we provide high quality and useful advice. Firstly, we are in close contact with various training partners (including our regular training partners: Berenschot, Roland Berger and McKinsey), who provide training and help us on specific projects. In addition, feedback is given from every location on every project and proposal. Finally, we provide project groups with different backgrounds and experiences, which often tie into the project.

What price do you charge?

We ask 35 euros per hour per consultant.

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