Application training Refugees Delft

In 2018, 3,620 people were granted asylum in the Netherlands. Many newcomers go to live in the Netherlands every year and often want to get to work as soon as possible. However, getting a job in a country where you don’t know the customs can be quite difficult. As part of our “World Improvement” program, YAG gave the second of a series of job application training courses to newcomers on 20 November 2019, this time in Delft.

Six trainers from YAG set to work with a highly interactive and enthusiastic group of participants. The registrations for the training had gone through the Welcome App, the Youth Academy and Werkse! and there were many positive reactions to the fact that this training was given in advance. After a short introduction and icebreaker, they were immediately instructed to practice introducing themselves. This certainly turned out to be a task that sounds simpler than it used to be!

This was followed by the substantive part of the training, which focused on preparation, do’s and don’ts, application questions and return questions, discussion topics and the most important aspects of an application.

After lunch, which was also introduced in a more informal way between the YAGs and the participants, the participants got to work themselves and practiced with job applications under the guidance of the trainers. After the closing there was still the possibility to have the CV checked by the people of YAG.

All in all it was an incredibly educational day for both the participants and YAG. That is why we are very much looking forward to the next edition that will take place in Amsterdam at the beginning of the new year!

“I loved the energy. I totally learned a lot ” “The session was very intense and warmly. More sessions will be welcomed”application training participants